About Us

Hard Water Solutions Pty Ltd is a Perth based retailer of water treatment products to combat common water issues at home as well as in agriculture and industry.

The business was established in July 2014 after I became aware that each time a family member stayed with us, they experienced a rash on their face after showering.

After plenty of research to work out why this occurred, all the evidence pointed towards the existence of hard water (i.e. water that has a high mineral content, such as calcium and magnesium).

This was further confirmed by the fact that we had the following occurring around the house;

  • scale build up on shower screens and milky marks on the tiles
  • scale rings around taps
  • scale build up on reticulation drippers/sprayers
  • bubbling noise from gas hot water system storage tank during use
  • scale build up in the kettle
  • water marks while washing car, if evaporated before using chamois

To assist in the treatment of these hard water issues, I came across a couple of great products which would prevent re-occurrence and to remove the effects of what had already occurred.

The first of these being the Delta Diamond and the second being A-Maz Water Stain Remover.

Both products worked unbelievably well, so much so that I thought if I was having these problems in the Dianella/Morley/Noranda area that we live, then everyone else around me would also be experiencing these issues.

It wasn't until I mentioned it to a few friends in Perth, who said they were also experiencing these issues, did I realise that this wasn't only confined to my area but many other areas in Perth and throughout WA.

In August 2015 we setup our own website so we could sell water treatment products Australia wide!

    We hope to be of service to you in the future.

    Clinton O'Neill